"Are they twins?" ....

Clothes shopping has been daunting as I shop for my kids, where do we go to find cute outfits that fit my style and are unique, that no one else will have in my neighborhood? I have two girls ages 3 & 5 and for now they love matching each other. It’s quite a challenge to find matching outfits in toddler and big girl sizes in retail stores. This is one of the many reasons I began offering boutique clothing.

I recently went shopping with my sister to find matching or coordinating outfits for our kids, 3 girls (in a wide variety of sizes) and a boy. We ended up finding something that coordinated nicely, but what I realized is the huge challenge that there is when trying to find an exact matching sibling outfit. I’ve found that my friends have also had struggles finding matching boy and girl outfits, so I have done my research and found unique matching sibling sets through my suppliers. I offer boutique releases at least 1-2 times a month with different matching outfit sets on our website SistersSelections.com. I am also a seamstress and always happy to create a unique set for your littles, zbexkaee2ae5 just reach out through my email SistersSelections@gmail.com. 

I’ve not only purchased matching outfits for my girls but I also love making them matching dresses for special events. We always get remarks when we’re out in public about “Are they twins?” and my oldest has loved giving people the sassy comeback of “No, but we’re twinning.” I always get a good chuckle out of this, sometimes I respond with a snarky "copy, paste worked well for me" simply because I like to catch people off guard. 

I often wonder how long my kiddos will want to match, and I hope the answer is that they’ll let me match them at least once a year for Christmas. I love capturing the moments of them matching each other because I can see their differences so clearly even though they’re dressed the same. It always amazes me when we get those questions about them being twins because…well there’s the obvious height difference to start, but there’s so many things that make each of them unique from their head to their toes. I love capturing photos of them matching and studying their similarities and differences. I know there will come a day that I’m thankful I took all of these matching photos of them…though they may not feel the same, only time will tell 🤣

Right now you can save big on a matching Christmas set by adding two outfit sets to your cart, there is a BOGO50 sale happening until July 22, 2022. Let’s face it cute clothes aren’t always easy to find, especially in such a wide variety of sizes. I hope that you’ll join our shop on our venture of clothing your kiddos in the cutest MATCHING styles. PS we do offer choices where they won’t match 🤣


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