About Our Handmade Products

Handmade Bows: 

SIZE- Megabow : 4.5” Bow on nylon or clip; GigaBow: 5.5 Bow on nylon or clip; Microbow Set (AKA Piggie Set): Two 2.5” Bows on nylon or clip; Kilobow: 3.5” Bow on nylon or clip; Nanobow Set: Two 1.5” Bows on clips; Scrunchie: One size fits most adults; Adjustable Headwrap: 5.5” Bow with an adjustable band; Headband: One size fits most adults  

 MATERIAL- Made from soft and stretchy bullet fabric with your choice of size

CARE - Clips and nylons are glued in

Washing Instructions – Spot wash all bows by hand. Do not submerge clips in water, they will rust. 

Turn Around Time- Most handmade products are ready to ship and will ship within 1-3 business days of your order, however we do offer custom bows and clothing as well and can work with you to find the exact fabric you’re looking for. If there is a different estimated shipment date, then it will be listed on that product.

Handmade Clothing: 

SIZES- We offer customs available from sizes newborn up to adult sizes.

MATERIAL- Made from a variety of materials, including bullet, polyester, cotton, knit, waffle. Please see each individual listing for any material specifications.

Washing Instructions – We suggest hand washing only to preserve the quality of the clothing. Tutu dresses must be hung upside down to dry to preserve the tulle. 

Turn Around Time- Handmade clothing will take 15-20 business days. Please take note of the change in turn around time if there is a sale happening.