Handmade Custom Birthday or Event Outfits

How Do I Get A Custom Outfit?
We open up two custom outfit slots per month for special events or birthdays in our Facebook VIP. There will be several announcements when our custom slots are going to be opening. Our custom outfit slots are currently booked for August 22-Dec 22, but we may open up one addtl slot for each month.

How Long Does It Take For Me To Get My Outfit?
Turn around time varies and starts when we you claim your slot, we will work closely together when you claim to come up with a design and determine which fabrics to use. I open customs two months ahead of the desired date (ie customs you would like for May open in March) to ensure we have enough time for me to receive any fabric that may be custom printed or ordered and gives enough time for shipment.
How Much Are Custom Outfits? 
Custom outfits are handmade and created by Katie (the owner) and range from $85-$115 depending on the fabric and style that YOU choose. 

Samples Of Past Custom Outfits: 
High Low Dress